Environmental consciousness has always been important to me, and I first adopted this mindset during my years abroad. When my children were born, this feeling strengthened within me, the sense that we need to protect our planet to leave a livable environment for the next generation.

I started growing Enxe’s loofah sponges a few years ago, during the COVID period, initially on a small scale. Despite the initial challenges, every year I managed to implement developments that expanded my customer base. More and more people heard about me, reached out, and my handmade products found their way onto the shelves of package-free stores.

It’s important for my customers to support local producers and businesses with their procurement strategies. Moreover, experience has shown that there is a growing number of individuals who prioritize reducing their ecological footprint and making conscious decisions in their purchases. By supporting these consumer communities, I aim to make my products available to a wider audience and expand the range of my products.

Natural Loofah Scrub

Explore my locally grown and processed loofah product! Processed into cylindrical shape, it offers excellent cleaning assistance. The loofah sponge is an ideal choice for household tasks, aiding efficient cleaning. Its natural material is durable and doesn't scratch sensitive surfaces. Sizes may vary due to plant characteristics, typically ranging from 4-7 cm in diameter and 10-14 cm in length. Use it in the kitchen, bathroom, or anywhere else where thorough yet gentle cleaning is needed. Let my loofah product make cleaning easier and more effective!

Other Loofah products

Stitched Loofah Sponge

Discover my handmade stitched loofah sponge! This loofah sponge features stitched construction and a hanging loop for easy use and storage. The size is typically 10x15 cm, however, due to the natural characteristics of the loofah plant, size may vary minimally. Double-layer stitching ensures durability and a long lifespan. The loofah sponge provides a pleasant touch and effectively assists in cleaning various surfaces. Experience the benefits of the stitched loofah sponge in your household!

Terry-Cloth Loofah Sponge

Experience the indulgent properties of the stitched loofah sponge! This loofah sponge features stitched construction, with one side covered in soft and pleasant terry cloth. The loofah sponge is an ideal choice for skincare, as it gently cleanses and exfoliates the skin, removing dead skin cells. Sized at 9x12 cm, it's available with yellow or white terry cloth, but I also offer production in other colors upon request. The stitched loofah sponge is made from high-quality materials, providing a pleasant sensation to the skin during use. It can be a perfect addition to your skincare routine!

Loofah Seeds








My products are designed with consideration of customer demand, and expanding the product range is an ongoing objective. If you’re interested in distributing my products, please contact me by filling out the form below. For retail purchases, I’m happy to recommend available stores among our partners




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